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Kids Room Accessories & Décor Inspiration

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, use this project as a way to fully express both you and your child’s youthful spirit. Children should be given a bedroom that is playful and fun, one that inspires and excites the imagination to it’s fullest potential.

At Designer Living, we have created our collection of children’s room decorating ideas to help you get started to a fun and playful room. Whether you are designing a boys or girls bedroom, our wide selection of different prints, patterns, and colors appeal to any kind of style.

Let Designer Living help you find your children’s bedroom accessories today with our wide variety of home decor pieces offered on our website. Start your search with our kid’s room accessories and decor inspiration below.

  • Choose a Theme

    When decorating a child’s bedroom, it is important to start out with a theme that you will be following throughout the entire space. Does your little girl want a pink and purple princess room or does your son want a space-themed play area to match his adventurous spirit?
    Either way, it’s important to find a theme that fits with your child’s personality before starting to purchase any home decor accessories. A great place to start is to look on Designer Living’s online selection of Kids room decor with your child to see what interests them the most.

    Consider Your Space

    How large of a bedroom are you working with? If you child’s bedroom is smaller than average, consider purchasing a bed with storage to properly utilize their room. Providing lots of storage space will help keep their room clean and clutter free.
    When choosing their furniture pieces, try to choose ones that are simple and versatile that they can still use once they have outgrown their themed bedroom. This will make redesigning their bedroom later on easier and cheaper.

    Choose your Accessories

    Once you have a theme in mind and your furniture picked out, shop our child’s theme bedding decor collections. Try to look for accessories that are both stylish and practical, items that can be reused throughout their teens and even beyond.

    Window Treatments

    Another excellent way to add a touch of style is through window treatments and curtains. Not only is this a functional piece that is needed to keep the sun out, but it can also serve as a decorative touch that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the room.
    Our children’s bedroom designs offered at Designer Living are both stylish and affordable, perfect for any kind of budget. If you are ready to give your child the bedroom of their dreams, then start your search with us today. Our wide selection of colors, prints, and designs are perfect for a youthful, lively, and comfortable bedroom.

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