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Get Inspired - Dining Room

Modern Dining Room Décor Inspiration

The dining room is the heart of your home. Whether it’s for your Thanksgiving meal or your every night dinners, this room should be a functional space that is both versatile and practical.

If there is one space of your home that should be given extra attention, it should be the area that brings together both family and friends.

At Designer Living, we have put together simple dining room decorating ideas that can help transform the room’s overall style and atmosphere. Whether you are looking for casual and rustic or modern and timeless, Designer Living offers design ideas perfect for any kind of household.

Our dining room decor inspiration highlights different dining room layouts and themes so you can recreate the perfect space for your home.

  • What Shape Works Best For You?

    Before you decide to purchase any dining room accessories, what table shape would work best for you and your household? While there are many materials, colors, shapes, and designs on the market, the most popular choices start between circular or rectangular layouts. Ask yourself, “How many people do I want to seat and what kind of atmosphere do I want to create?”
    Generally speaking, rectangular tables work best in rooms that are narrow and closed off. On the other hand, square or circle tables function well in open-concept rooms or tight spaces. These tables also create a more casual feel by promoting a more conversational layout while rectangular tables tend to be more formal.

    Table Placement

    Now that you have picked out the shape of your table, make sure family and friends can easily walk around the area without feeling blocked or restricted. Do not choose chairs that are hard to move around when placed next to each other. Also make sure that the table does not interfere in a main walkway or doorway of the home. If you are dealing with an open concept area, place the table next to a wall or window to create a more definitive space.

    How to Choose Dining Chairs Perfect For Your Space

    As previously stated, make sure that your chairs around your dining room table are not overcrowded. Consider elbow space and table setting placement so the table does not feel crammed and uncomfortable. For a more eclectic style, try combining different style dining room chairs that have a complementary color scheme or style. If you are more of a traditionalist, purchase a dining room set that is simple and timeless.

    Think Beyond the Table and Chairs

    For the ultimate modern dining room, make sure to consider all the added accessories that will tie together your space. One of the most popular decorative pieces in a dining room is a rug. Although rugs may seem like an extra addition to add a pop of color, they also help to define the area of your living room space as well.
    These rugs help to outline the space, provide ultimate comfort, as well as add an extra decorative touch to reinforce your overall decor theme.
    Our modern dining room furniture ideas can help you transform any outdated space into a stylish and welcoming oasis. With just a few simple adjustments, you will be able to have an ideal dining room that’s perfect for entertaining friends and loved ones.
    For more interior design ideas, check out the rest of our dining room offerings on our online website now!

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