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Wall Art

Do you have a large blank wall in your home, but don’t know how to use it? Don’t look at this as a challenge, but instead look at it as an opportunity. Take advantage of this empty space and create something that is truly remarkable. Whether you want to hang a few simple pieces or turn the blank space into a bold accent wall, wall art wall Art is a great way to express who you are. Art can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Adding these finishing touches is what turns a house into a home. Use our wall art guide below and upgrade any blank wall to a stylish centerpiece.

How To Choose Wall Art

Location, Location, Location
You'll want to determine where your wall art placement should be. Which room and wall? A living room? A bedroom? Or even a bathroom? Or will it be going in an entryway or hallway? In addition to where the art will be going, it's important to consider the size of the space to ensure you purchase pieces that enhance the area, not make it feel small and cluttered. All these factors should be considered before a piece of art is purchased.

For a dramatic entrance, place a large piece of wall décor facing a doorway or entry point. This will create a commanding viewpoint as soon as your guests walk through your door. For a stunning backdrop, place an art piece to the side of a gathering area. Or if you want to highlight an area, place the art above the featured space.

You can display a single piece by itself or create a personalized collection by featuring it with others. For a complementary look, we also have art that comes in a set. In many times, artwork is the necessary element that can complete an entire room. If you are looking to revamp an outdated space, check out our art style guide for more inspiration.

dining room


Offer a classic and straightforward art piece that resembles the look of other seating pieces in your living room. Think of pieces that are made of wood or are upholstered. This will give a complementary accent to your current home décor pieces.

Modern Pop Gel Coat Printed Canvas


The Bedroom is the perfect area of your home to let your creativity run freely. Use this space to capture your unique personality through different colors and designs. Highlight different areas by featuring a canvas or painting above the space to draw the eyes. Adding a bright piece of wall art above a nightstand or dresser is an excellent way to liven up a space.

Morning Brunch Hand Embellished Canvas


Often times, an entryway can be overlooked when it comes to a home’s interior design. Placing a painting or decorative element in an entryway helps to bring life to a boring hallway. Try adding a subtle canvas with neutral colors and a modern design. You could even add a gallery of photos!

Birch Forest Set Of 3 Printed Canvas With Gel Coat


The family room should be bright and welcoming. Don’t forget to take advantage of its styling potential! Whether you want a room that is classic or modern, hang art that showcases your unique style. Create an inviting space by placing canvas art near the main seating area.

Cool Blue Bounce Hand Embellished Canvas

Color Is An Important Factor

When determining the feel of the room, choosing a color scheme will play a major role. Want a relaxing area? Try light, cool shades of blues and greens. Want to make a bold statement? Go with rich, jewel tones of purple or navy. Wall art can also be a great way to add a pop of color to a room. Bright red, yellow, or orange tones can be a fun way to make your space stand out.

It is also important that your wall prints are cohesive to your overall color palette in order to avoid a space that looks cluttered. Choose wall decor with colors that accent the rest of the interior. When choosing the right colors, make sure it compliments the overall feel of your home. While you don’t need every decorative piece to be the exact same color, try to find artwork that works well together and supports the overall look you are going for.

Let The Season Inspire You

You don’t have to spend a fortune remodeling your home when all you need is a simple update. Wall art is great for providing a quick and affordable style change to your living room or bedroom without having to undergo costly home alterations.

Try switching out your wall art to go with the seasons.This is a fun and easy way to swap out your look every couple of months.



Make the transition between summer and winter with a mix of warm, neutral earthy tones like grey, brown, and orange.

Urban Trees Palette Knife Embellished Canvas


Winter months are always accompanied by a change in the atmosphere. Add dark, intense colors such as shades of blue and charcoal to reflect shorter days and colder weather.

Lovely Blooms Hand Embellished Canvas 2pcs Set


Welcome in the spring months with happy and bright colors. look for vibrant colors with splashes of white for a refreshing feel.



Bring colors of the beach and ocean inside with deep, cool colors and a pop of red or yellow. Soft hues will give that casual, beachy feel, while still offering a stylish home décor look.

Mix It Up

Play around with styles. While traditional art can complement a traditional space, try using a modern art piece to bring a fresh new look. Add dimension to your space by using varied wall art finishes and textures. Include both framed wall art and unframed canvases for additional variety.

At Designer Living, we offer endless styles and colors so you create the home of your dreams. Check out our extensive online selection of wall art pieces and get designing now.

Mixed Wall Art

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