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How To Choose Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is an essential element to every bathroom. Not only does it have a functional purpose, but it’s also meant to add a decorative touch to a boring space. It can be difficult to decorate a bathroom. That’s why choosing the right shower curtain can make such a difference when designing this space.

There are endless types of shower curtains available on the market, however choosing one that is both decorative and practical can be challenging if you do not know what you’re looking for. That’s why at Designer Living, we have have created this comprehensive guide to teach you how to choose a shower curtain that’s perfect for your home.

Buying a new shower curtain is the easiest and quickest way to update your bathroom décor. Whether you want to keep the space simple and stylish or chic and classy, shower curtains come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns to fit any kind of home decor design. Shower curtains will not only give you privacy and keep your floors dry, but it will improve the overall look of your bathroom instantly.

An old shower curtain can make a bathroom look dirty and outdated. That’s why it’s important to spruce up your bathroom frequently with a new and stylish shower curtain when it’s time for a change. If you don’t know how to buy a shower curtain, check out our shower curtain buying guide to see what fits best for you and your home decor needs.

When choosing a shower curtain, the highest priority items to keep in mind are dimensions, style and fabric type. This comprehensive guide gives you everything you need to know about picking out the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom.

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What is standard shower curtain size?

The standard shower curtain size is 72 x 72 inches.Standard shower curtain length extends to the floor and covers the tub.

Of course, if you have a custom shower, standard curtain panel sizes may not be the right fit for your shower. If you're unsure whether or not a standard shower curtain will work for your bathroom, simply grab a measuring tape to discern the size of your shower (in inches). In order to fit a standard shower curtain, you will need space for about 3 additional inches of length to factor in shower curtain rod height, as well as to accommodate for rings that hang down a bit from the rod. Shower curtain width should extend about 12 inches beyond the actual width of your shower to ensure that water is unable to seep from the edges.

FABRICATION : Fabric curtains typically come in polyester, microfiber, or a cotton blend. The fabric you choose for your shower curtain has a major impact on the overall design of your bathroom. However, some of the most common fabrics to choose from are vinyl or cotton.

If you are looking to dress up your bathroom decor, a soft cotton fabric curtain may be the best option for you. There curtains are easy to maintain, versatile, and pair perfectly with a vinyl lining. These curtains are also made in different styles and colors so that you can create your perfect personalized bathroom in no time at all. You can also choose a fancier fabric for your shower curtain for a more elegant look. These curtains are best for guest bathrooms or showers that are not used on a daily basis.

Vinyl Shower curtains are also a very popular option. If you are looking for something that is low-cost and easy to maintain, then consider purchasing a vinyl curtain instead of the cloth alternatives. These decorative pieces act as a natural water repellent, so mildew and mold is less of an issue. Even though vinyl is not as comfortable and elegant as the cloth options, they are the easiest to maintain and cost the lowest. Plus, preventing mold and mildew is a huge plus!

SOLID OR PRINT : Shower curtains can come either as a solid or as a pattern. For a subtle look, a solid shower curtain is perfect. If you want the shower curtain to be the focal point of your bathroom, go with a patterned design. When it comes to the print, make sure to choose one that works well with the rest of the interior decor of your home.

TOP TREATMENT : Shower curtain tops are typically made with button holes where you will need to buy shower curtains rings to hang it onto the shower rod. However, there is also another type of shower curtain that does not need any rings or hooks. Some shower curtains are made with grommet holes where you can immediately slide your curtain onto your shower rod. These curtains are great if you want something that is low maintenance and easy to assemble.

TECHNOLOGY : 3M Scotchgard ™ treatment help to repel moisture and release stains.

Now that you have learned everything you need to know about purchasing a shower curtain, it’s time to get shopping. Browse through our wide selection of shower curtains on our website now to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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