Accent Chair

    An accent chair will add personality to any room. This functional decor piece will help embellish the room based on color and style. Having an accent chair in your bedroom is a great way to help you unwind with a book before jumping into bed at night. In other rooms, you can use an accent chair for extra seating when you entertain guests.

    Popular Accent Chair Types

    Popular Accent Chair Types

    ARMCHAIRS: Offer a classic and straight forward styling that resembles the look of other seating pieces in your living room.

    ARMLESS CHAIRS: Also known as a slipper chair and normally does not have as large of a footprint as an armchair.

    SCULPTURAL CHAIRS: Create an eye-catching statement for the living room or bedroom. These are great for lounging for long period of time. Sculptural chairs are designed to stick out and grab attention.

    Popular Lifestyles

    Popular Lifestyles

    TRADITIONAL: One will opt for an armchair or sculptural chair because generally speaking the arms of the chair give it a classic look.

    CASUAL: Armless chairs with neutral color pallet provide a more casual look and feel.

    MODERN: Armless chairs with fun color prints provide a modern aesthetic.

    LUXURY: Sculptural chairs offer a luxurious feel because of their size and tend to make a statement.

    Measurements To Consider

    Measurements To Consider

    *Consider the desired space for the accent chair.

    *Measure the width, depth and height of the space so you know approximately what size can fit there.

    *For armchairs, it is also important to look at the floor to arm height and floor to seat height for ideal comfort.

    *It's also good to measure the distance between the arms for armchairs and sculptural chairs.

    *Last but not least, consider the weight of the chair for ease of display and moving.

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