Millennium Extra Fine Egyptian Towel Set

byPremier Comfort

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by durbinn12314

    They're for a WEDDING present and its the Brides favorite color

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by WhippoorwillLodgeEnt
    03/11/2014Large Enough to Wrap-up In.

    The towel is light weight and easily stays in place when you wrap it around you after your shower. The material is not is extra fine as the description states. If you want a bulky towel, this one is not for you. I purchased four of them for back-up towels. Like all the things I have purchased from "Designer Living" , they are quality and wash and dry well.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by ele
    02/21/2014Designer Living Overall

    Thus far I have ordered two sets of duvet covers and accessories and three sets of bath or bath towels and have been surprisingly pleased and somewhat amazed with the results, i.e., the quality and amount of goods received. I am delighted to recommend this site to friends and family. Just wish I could order wash clothes and bathmats to match the terrific towels I've received. Renewed my order today.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by tl_stevenson
    12/27/2013 millennium towels

    very soft. great towels especially for the price!

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by mr2iris
    09/03/2013Collect water off

    You skin fantastic, the only problem I had was most of the colors are not the colors shown. I bought 12 Silver was dirty white, yellow was ugly greenish yellow dull, blue is peacock, brown is true to color. The feel is great! But I can't match the silver an grey to my bath room tile.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by Kathy

    Love the feel of these towels. My son loves them and will dig under all the others to grab these. I would definitely buy again.

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