Parkway Knitted MicroTec Throw

byComfort Classics

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by jbkbfields
    03/17/2014Nice product!

    Nice and soft now, hoping will not pill/shed later.....

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by lcurphey61
    03/17/2014Comfort Throw

    Love the feel of this throw. So soft and warm. Great for on the couch watching a move!

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by hhaizlip
    03/12/2014Bright red and soft

    I was totally surprised and impressed with the zip closed plastic bag that this blanket came in. It fits perfectly and will be great for storing if needed. The blanket is a bright, deep red and super soft. I would love this in many colors!

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by YASMIN YOUNG
    03/11/2014Comfort Classics Knitted Throw

    Very satisfied with the throw and I got it for less than 12.00. It was just what I was looking for the size and warmth,

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by Jesusaves75
    03/03/2014My Dad

    I got this for my husband's dad so that when he sits in his chair and watches the news he can stay warm, it is big and soft and his favorite color! Great price too, I should have bought more.

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