Emilia Window Curtain

byMadison Park

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by Shawnda Jones
    08/07/2014Ok, Not Great!

    I really had high hopes for this comforter set. I can't say I was totally disappointed, but I was not Wowed by it. Quality was fair not the greatest. I would not have thought it after reading the comments of others.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by shyvilet42
    07/16/2014You have to tie them yourself!

    I was very disappointed when I opened the package to find that my favorite part, the ties at the top, were not pre-tied. There are hard-to-follow instructions included, and no way to tie the curtains to have all the ties match exactly. I didn't realize I'd have to spend an hour just putting the curtains together. Nice material, but extremely upset by the lack of ties.

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