Jolee 12 Piece Comforter and Coverlet Set

byMadison Park

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by christiecloud
    07/10/2014Wonderful Set!!!

    Amazing quality for such a bargain!

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by sggray13
    04/26/2014love it

    using it at this tme

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by deebs024
    04/16/2014Color Not White, But Good Deal

    It's a good set for the price, comforter is very heavy. However, the white is NOT white, it's silver! This set is too huge to ship back so I'll probably give it to someone. Also, even though you can see it in the picture, this comforter ONLY has the yellow stripe on one side, it is not on both sides. The skirt, the underside of the comforter, and the shams are all made of a cheap material that feels like those microfiber sheets that I don't like.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by rscontreras23
    03/18/2014Very nice for the price

    I purchased this queen size set for a guest room double bed to ensure that the box spring is covered because the double size seems too short, and I'm glad I did. The "coverlet" seems useless to me which I won't be putting on the bed. The yellow strip came very wrinkled but in time I'm sure it will straighten itself out. Overall, a very nice set for the price.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by tanika896
    03/03/2014love it

    The product is great and long lasting, I purchased the set off of amazon and it turned out to be the best choice I've made for my sleep comfort. The color is also awesome and brings out my room

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by alisonrenee1997
    01/18/2014different but beautiful

    I got the comfort set in October 2013 and I just put it on my bed and it is the most beautiful comforter set I purchased in a long time in this color. The quality of the comfort is super nice, soft and fluffy. My husband didn't like it when it arrived but when I put it on the bed and decorated our bedroom he loved it. It is of good quality and well worth every penny spent on it. Overall I recommend this comforter set and all that comes with it to make any bedroom stunning.

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