Avenue 8 Woodland Colorblock 4pcs Comforter Set

byAvenue 8

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      Overall :by calvin scott
      02/26/2014How to Jump Start a New Life

      I was recently divorced and left with little from the marriage, of 35yrs. .I knew that as a man I must rely on my own taste to decorate my home with with "no frill flowered patterns of comforters for the two bedroom apartment I rented. Designer living have was vital in my change of life style,because I was able to educate myself about what a single man should use to decorate the home.I have received,excellent choices from designer living's selection of merchandise.When I could not make a choice, I was able to speak to someone in the customer service department,about what items a single man can t buy.Now that I have purchased,four set's of comforters, for the winter.I am excited, about what DL will be bringing out for spring,and summer. keep doing an excellent job Staff at DL . CWScott

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