Avenue 8 Stella 7 Piece Comforter Set

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by fastfolks

      This comforter set has some great details, and the colors are nice. However, the comforter is so lightweight it provides little warmth. If you're going for style, the details are nice...embroidery on the comforter, pillows, and shams. If you're going for warmth, this is not for you. The comforter size is also a little skimpy for a queen bed- definitely not the length shown in the picture! Overall, this was a disappointing purchase.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by mar_c_c
      03/13/2014Disappointed with queen size

      After a couple of months waiting to get my room painted and put on my new comforter I was very disappointed with the size of the comforter. I ordered a queen size but for the height of my bed I should have ordered a king size to reach around the bed. So if you have a bed that sets up higher than normal please take my advice and order a king. It's a nice setting and beautiful on the bed that's why I have to give it a 5 stars. I am just going to have to deal with mine because sending it back to the company would cost me more that the price that I gave for it. : (

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by joniatamburi

      Spring comes alive with this comforter set through the warm, inviting colors and rich motifs. Bring joy into any home with this special collection. Makes a great gift to reward yourself or a loved one.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by jimdee21
      02/24/2014love it

      Beautiful Quilt especially for the price

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by steve.kellyj
      02/18/2014very nice set

      These were great sets. I was impressed enough to buy several people onE. I love this site. Always great quality at affordable prices.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by steve.kellyj
      02/18/2014classy set.

      What a great deal. I love this set. Looks great.

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