Long Fur Comforter Mini Set

byAvenue 8

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by jbjbauer35
      01/25/2014beautiful, soft, laying on it right now!

      Love it! Do not hesitate to purchase!

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by JoAnn Hans
      12/23/2013Comfort set

      THis is so soft and it look so good on the bed. Great product

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by kmstaszczuk
      10/28/2013new customer

      I ordered the premier faux fur comforter. I have one an ordered another. Its so comfortable. Customer service was very nice. I checked prices an very good deals. I told my friend to check the products.I will be buying more products.glad I found the co.

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