Cubed 7pcs Comforter Set

byAvenue 8

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by abdul ghofar
      07/10/2014Look cheap and and no brand name on the bags

      I was so surprised they delivered really fast ..but when I'm open the box I'm really really dessopointed the quality isn't there.. Cheap look and no name brand on bags just clear big bag . I bought 2 to bad I can't return.. I thinks isn't worth it $ 160 dollars ..,since I paid only $ 24 dollars still not worth it .. I..

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by ellenganop
      03/17/2014cheap and falling apart

      material is really cheap and I've washed it once and already the seams are coming apart in several places. Hopefully I can return it. You will be disappointed, I am and I only paid 20 bucks for it.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by joejj1
      03/17/2014Perfect set

      I wasn't sure about the feel and look, but was surprise when it arrived. The pillows are firm and solid, the comforter fit my bed and it is very good looking. The shipment came faster than I thought. Overall, I was happy.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by tmodres
      03/17/2014Avenue 8 Cubed 7PCS Comforter Set

      Nice quality for the price! Great set looks great!

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by whokid34
      03/17/2014Really enjoying

      I ordered this set and it has not failed at all. Keeps me nice and warm and the little pillows adds the extra touch :) Great value and cool design! Definitely worth it!

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by lcurphey61
      03/17/2014Great Value Set!

      I love this set, great value for all you get including the bed pillows. Quality material and the colors are exact.

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