Madison Park Quebec Coverlet Mini Set

byMadison Park

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by jtaylor16
      03/19/2014What a surprise....

      I have purchased many bedspreads for my king bed... some too heavy, some too short, junk etc... I ordered this because of the reviews...It's just right! beautifully made and lightweight PERFECT!! I took a $500.00 spread off of my bed and put this one on...... Beautiful and elegant looking... . trust me you will be delighted ..

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by rockstar1230
      03/17/2014California cool

      For the nice warm and slightly cool evenings in the summer we have, I wanted a nice little weight coverlet for our new bed and this is perfect! The color is a beautiful blue and since we have a platform bed is was worried about the length but it is long enough and hangs over perfectly!

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by n.egler
      03/10/2014Madison Park Quebec Coverlet mini Set

      Great buy. Very Happy with my purchase

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by ARIELLEKIRSTEN
      03/03/2014Excellent value for an awesome product!

      I am SO HAPPY that there is finally a coverlet that actually fits a king size mattress! I've had quilts, blankets, and coverlets in the past that just "sort of" fit, but I wasn't able to tuck them in on the bottom and sides. This coverlet is amply sized and allows me to tuck it in on all sizes; and my mattress is a rather deep pillow-top. Next time I'm in the market for a coverlet I will most certainly look for this brand, since it's the only one I've ever had any luck with to date.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by kris tina
      03/03/2014color as pictured

      The color of this coverlet is true to the photo. It is a little thinner than I thought it would be, but very nice quality. It looks beautiful on my bed, would highly recommend.

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      Quality : Style : Value :
      Overall :by donna.rainey
      02/24/2014A Home Run!

      ...exactly what I wanted - perfect texture; heavy enough for warmth on cool nights yet light enough for not so cool nights. Great value for the price.

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