Microlight Robe

byPremier Comfort

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by trishash
    04/28/2014Soft and cozy!

    I was more than pleased with the quality. Even after 2 washes, both robes I ordered are still soft, absorbent, and pretty.

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    Quality : Style : Value :
    Overall :by Iris Hall
    02/28/2014Fluffy, soft, thick

    Bought these when the beige, was on sale, lot of fluffiness, too much for me around my neck. Sent my daughter one she has a longneck. Lol. I don't ! Cutting the bottom out under roll back collar then it will lie down. Granddaughter loves it, nothing gets too soft an fluffy for Teens an kids. I'm 5ft. 1 it goes right below my knees.

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