Madison ParkCirque Console Table on Wheels

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      Overall :by suehampton22
      09/05/2014Completely Underwhelmed. Mostly cheap wood, it's not metal. Meh

      It looks OK, and I might end up liking it- it just came today. But I was disappointed to find out that the whole thing is basically cheap wood painted to look like metal. The only metal part - the wheels, and they don't even turn. They are welded into place so you can't roll it around your kitchen.Normally I would say, "you get what you pay for"= It's my fault for buying cheap crap. But I thought it was going to be much more metal and much sturdier better quality since they were asking $850 initially for it, and the pictures look good. If you are only interested in the look, I would say MAYBE go for it. But truthfully just save your money and buy something that isn't so cheap.

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